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Welcome To Linda's Orchid Page
Welcome to my humble pages on the Internet!
   My name is Linda or, as my friends have tagged me, "The Orchid Lady". Why do I have this nickname?
   Because I have a passion for plants and flowers of all kinds! I love plants -- green plants, prickly plants, beautiful plants, unusual plants, and just plain old house plants, but I especially love the beautiful orchids!
   Through the years I have been asked many questions about my obsession about orchids.
   I guess the most often question I am asked is
"How did you get started in orchids?" The answer to this question has never changed since 1981, "I bought just one orchid".
   After twenty-six-plus years obsessing about orchids and eleven years teaching, coaching and enjoying all the people that have visited my Orchid Pages, I am now confident that there are many of the orchid addicts that was "hooked" on orchids the same way as I was.
   My first encounter began in 1981 when I spotted a strange looking plant while browsing in a nursery. It was an orchid planted on a piece of cork bark. I took a closer look at it and then made the momentous mistake -- I bought it.

   I took Trichocentrum (Oncidium) jonesianum home and my new obsession began. About a year later my living room was a jungle with my husband teasingly calling me "Jane".
   It only took a few more years and I had a greenhouse, it was either the plants or my husband that had to leave the house. He compromised and bought me a small greenhouse, then two, then built a large one and I was in business.
   In 1996 with the help of my brother I started "Linda's Orchid Page", one of the very first orchids-related home site on the World Wide Web and I began to share my knowledge and photographs with the world. After many years a very close friend became my webmaster and together we created my Orchid Nights site.
   I believe that there is no site on the net like "Take Eight" of our Orchid Nights site; if you have some time sit back with a cup of coffee and browse through this exciting site. These pages are for computer savvy orchid aficionado people as there are many tricks to view all the areas that are presented there.
   With my webmasters' help I have expanded the Orchid Lady site and now have other sites about my Menagerie, may favorite birds (hummers) my love of Utah Lake, a new Orchid Forum and even my own webshop, where you can find items I selected for orchids, other plants, gardening as well as pets enthusiasts.
   Thanks to the love and support I have received thoughout the years I have been able to maintain the "Linda's Orchid Pages" site and keep it growing.
   In January 2006 Linda's Orchid Pages entered the second decade of their existence.
Come back often to my sites for continuously updated as well as new content, new orchid photos, free gifts and many more.
   And please feel free to chime in at my blogs including even my Mother Hen's Corner ...
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