"What is a good orchid book to buy?" This is the most frequent question visitors have asked me since I published my Orchid Page. In an attempt to answer this question, here is a selected list of my books I have personally purchased and used during my "addiction" to orchids.
Another great source of information is orchid magazines which I subscribe and have listed at the end of this page.

All of these books may be purchased from the American Orchid Society, or you should be able to find a lot of them in most large book stores like Barnes and Noble. Your local orchid suppliers and garden shops are another place to look. You might also consider a trip to your local public library to see what is available. I recommend, however, that you purchase your own personal copy of the books you find useful.

I have divided this list into 3 sections: recommended books for the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced orchid growers.
Some people have told me that they have problems printing out this page, so I have created a plain text version suitable for printing.

My Recommended Books for the Beginner
by The American Orchid Society 1993
This is a great little starter book which covers the most common grown orchids. In this book, you will find chapters on cultivation, pests, diseases, and growing techniques. It has 136 pages and 120 color photos.
AOS Book # 100 Price $8.95
by Rebecca Northern 1976
In the beginning, I used this book more than any other book I owned when I started growing orchids in my home. This handy book covers nearly everything you need to know. Although there are no color photos, there are black and white pictures and drawings. It is a soft cover book with 148 pages.
AOS Book # 208 Price $3.95
by Henry Jaworski 1992
This is a fantastic book. The author has really simplified the methods used to grow orchids. I call this book my "grade school primer." It is very easy to understand and is full of very beautiful color photographs. The author writes about everything from growing areas, supplies, potting, indoor and outdoor growing methods and propagation techniques. The book is hardbound, 143 pages and quite big.
AOS Book #238 Price $24.95
by Mary Noble 1987
This is a nice, very basic all-around book. This is a good one for beginners to start with, very easy to understand. The book contains mostly black and white photos, but it does have a few in color. It is soft-cover with 128 pages.
AOS Book #203 Price $12.95
by Mary Noble 1991
This is a companion to Mary's other books in this series. This book is primarily limited to growing the genera Cattleya. If this is the type of orchid you want to grow, this is the book for you. It is soft-cover and has 100 pages, some black and white photos, and a sprinkle of color pictures.
AOS Book #204 Price $12.95
by Mary Nobel 1991
This is another book in Mary's series. This one focuses on growing the genera Phalaenopsis. This is a very good beginners book. As in all her books, she gives advise on watering, temperatures, potting, light, fertilizing, and propagation. This is also a soft-cover book a few color photos but mostly black and white with 102 pages.
AOS Book #205 Price $12.95
by Sunset Books 1977
A nice book for the price. It covers 250 varieties of orchids and how to grow them in the garden or greenhouse. A lot of good tips and lots of color photographs. This is a soft-cover book with 64 pages. You should be able to buy this book anywhere they sell Sunset books.
AOS Book #223 Price $10.00
by Ortho Books 1988
A complete guide to growing orchids as a house plant. The book includes descriptions of over 120 popular orchids and has lots of color photos. This book also lists source information for buying orchids and equipment. Soft-cover with 96 pages. You should be able to buy this book anywhere they sell Ortho Books.
AOS Book #215 Price $9.95

My Recommended Books for the Intermediate Grower
by Rebecca Northern 1976
I call this the "Orchid Bible." If there is anything you want to know about growing orchids in the home, this book will tell you. It has been praised by orchid growers for many years. This book you may say, is the "Mother" to Rebecca's little book `Orchids as House Plants.' This is a hard cover book of good size with 114 color photos and numerous black and white photos. It is 384 pages and a must for any orchid grower.
AOS Book #206 Price $50.00
by the A.O.S. 1995
Those dreaded words that all orchid growers hate to hear. But when the time comes and you find those little crawly things on your plants this is the book to have around! Insects, pests, bacterial and fungal diseases, and viruses are all discussed in this little handbook. It is a 118 page soft- cover book that includes over 100 color and black and white photos.
AOS Book #103 Price $12.00
by Shuttleworth, Zim, Dillon 1989
I am sure you have all seen the little guide books that you carry in your pocket during field trips to identify birds or wild flowers. Now there is one for orchids too! This is a nice reference book to carry with you. Every orchid listed includes a color picture and a general description. Soft-cover with 160 pages.
AOS Book #418 Price $6.00
by B.&W.; Rittershausen 1985
When the author said "illustrated," he wasn't kidding. The book has a lot of wonderful photos and great close up shots. This book shows in detail how to pot and how to propagate orchids. It is quite a large book with 101 color photographs and 150 black and white photos. It is hardbound and has 160 pages. A very nice book to own.
AOS Book #212 Price $29.95
by Brian & Wilma Rittshausen 1984
What a wonderful little book to have around. In this book you will find 105 commonly grown orchid species and hybrids with a color photo and description of each one. It is soft cover and easy to carry with you. It is a full 192 pages of information.
AOS Book # 425 Price $16.95

Books for the Advanced Orchid Grower

By this stage of the orchid addiction, you should already have quite a library of your own and have a good idea of which books are the most useful to you. If you don't already own the following books, I recommend you give them a look.
by Patsy Webster 1992
Are you looking for a study guide for the orchid family? This is the book for you. This book contains the bibliography for 860 orchid genera. This is the only book I have been able to find long-lost genera listed. Don't expect a fancy book with lots of pictures. No pictures but plenty of information. This is a spiral bound soft cover book with 206 pages.
AOS Book #519 Price $30.00
by Oscar W. Gupton & Fred C. Swope 1987
A small but informative book about the wild orchids that grow in the Atlantic States. Nice full color pictures and good descriptions of 52 orchids. A Hardbound book with 112 pages.
AOS Book #606 Price $16.95
by Francis Hunt & Takashi Kijima 1978
If you are looking for information this is not the book for you. BUT, if you want to see very large photographs of orchids then this is the book. The photos are most useful for identification. There are 170 photographs and I am not kidding when I say this book is big. 10" x 13". It contains 207 pages.
AOS Book #427 Price $24.50
by Bechtel, Helmut, Phillip Cribb and Edmund Launert 1992
Fantastic is the word for this book. A must for the serious orchid grower. It has 864 color photographs, and 62 line illustrations. The book also includes detailed analysis of 217 genera and 1200 species suitable for cultivation. It is hard cover with 528 pages. A big hefty book, so don't plan on packing it around in your back pocket. ;-)
AOS Book #400 Price $85.00
by Fitch, Charles Marden 1995
So now you have orchids growing and blooming and you want to take that very special picture. This book will tell you how to get the best results. It includes lots of tips on how to capture your favorite beauty on film. The author also includes a section on video taping and of course, close up photography. A handy little soft-cover book with 96 pages.
AOS Book #102 Price $16.00
Edited by Alec Pridgeon 1992
The book you have been waiting for. Yes, this is the grand daddy of the orchid books. This wonderful encyclopedia includes information on 1100 species; each one illustrated and identified. Lots of beautiful color photos, 1000 in all! It also includes information on hybridization, cultivation, pests, diseases, and conservation. Hardbound with 300 pages. Excellent book for all orchid growers. This book is an excellent value at the asking price.
AOS Book #438 Price $39.95
Order from Timber Press
Be sure to check out their other orchid books!

Are you looking for an excellent Orchid magazine? I have listed three publications that I think you would enjoy.
The Orchid Digest Magazine is a very beautiful publication. It is appealing to both beginners and advanced growers. All genera are covered, both taxonomically and as hybrids. The photography is excellent and is of the highest quality. This Magazine is published quarterly. To receive this publication you must be a member of the Orchid Digest. Membership is $20.00 a year. For more information visit their web site at: http://www.prysm.net/~orchidigest/
The magazine Orchids is the monthly publication of the American Orchid Society. This publication covers has a lot of information on different genera and hybrids. There are always plenty of photographs to look at. The articles are very easy to understand so if you are new to orchids you won't be left out. It also has a large listing of orchid growers and suppliers. You must be a member of A OS to receive this magazine. Membership is $36.00 a year. For more information you can visit their web site at: http://www.vg.com/vg/Gardens/AOS/
The Orchadian is the magazine of the Australasian Native Orchid Society Inc. It is issued quarterly and contains information about the native orchids of Australasia. All issues include many coloured photographs and drawings. You must be a member to receive this publication. Visit their web page for membership information at: http://www.ozemail.aust.com/~graemebr/

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