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My Orchid Articles
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   Be the first to start your collection of orchid screensavers!
This collection contains never before seen photographic shots of many beautiful and extraordinary orchids. You will be the envy of all your orchid friends.

    Every one of the images have been painstakingly reproduced to bring you the ultimate color, detail and sharpness you would expect from The Orchid Lady. Many of these images show not just orchids sitting in a greenhouse but are taken at the location were they are grown in the wild all over the world

   Each screensaver contains twenty full screen photographs of beautiful orchids.
Click here for a demo of all the screensavers currently available
The slide show is designed for full screen viewing (F 11)
For being excutable files
screen savers may and often are carriers of all sorts of malware
   To our best knowledge at the time of compiling the orchid screen savers listed below the computer and all the used programs were free from any malware, which could creep into these executables. Before releasing them to the general public as free downloads they were tested independently by several people on different computers and proved to be clean.
   However, please be aware, that for being freely downloadable and distributable we cannot warrant that copies passed around by users remained also reliable.
    Therefore, it is highly advisable that after downloading these archived screensavers run your anti-virus program and check the integrity of the archives.
    The MD5 and SH1 hashes of the executable screen savers packed into the archives you may download from this server are tabulated below and you may check the integrities of the files after unpacking them to your storage device(s).
MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) is widely used in a variety of security applications, and is also commonly used to check the integrity of files.
The SH-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) has been designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the USA and published a U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard.
   On the web there are very many MD5 and/or SH1 hasher programs freely available; the one we used is freely downloadable from NirSoft.
Orchid Screen Saver Download
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Cattleya Species And Hybrids  
File Size: 4,869,053 bytes
MD5   3162e032f55ca80c5ba2d1e77339e9f4
SHA1  3bcc923e1605695fc17b8824fbdd95dea20af4f8
Costa Rican Orchids  
File Size: 5,188,462 bytes
MD5    c5bd5b4bcae82f3db80af98fcd9f4ce1
SHA1  64591321a2f7f58210c93c85516952d5d5a8be0f
Dendrobium Species And Hybrids  

File Size: 4,931,840 bytes
SHA1  d3609886ec76aa6cdd36e5a05e689c4bae60709b

Orchid Species  
File Size: 5,002,836 bytes
MD5    419e4b37105bb1e750ed3db211520487
Paphiopedilum Species And Hybrids  
File Size: 4,807,587 bytes
MD5   8843d0ffe99b2eab86689dda85097580
SHA1  3d8c782dba0836fcf1213f05900720e497e68d64
Phalaenopsis Species And Hybrids  
File Size: 5,101,328 bytes
MD5    dbfbebe2cf4762fe3ff60aa494ee048c
This hash list has been created by using HashMyFiles from NirSoft.