Great Christmas Present Find!

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   I have been carrying around my small Sony pocket camera for years and it is always ready to take a quick photo when I need it. I can not count how many times I wished I had been able to capture a video of a subject. Of course carrying around a camcorder just does not work. The quality of cell phone cameras are really poor.
   I did my homework and I have found just what I was wishing for: The best one to purchase is the Flip Mino. A small compact video camera that shoots incredible shots and the shots are clear! I
   It is ultra-thin and the Flip Video Mino camcorder would make anyone happy to receive it as a gift!
   Records 60 minutes of VGA-quality video. The images are 640-by-480 pixel MPEG-4 AVI clips at 30 frames per second, which means excellent video quality. It also works very well in lower light settings.
   With the built-in software you can easily view, edit and upload video and photos to favorite sharing sites.
   Connect to your computer and Mino can upload clips directly to YouTube, AOL Video, or MySpace. It also charges the battery at the same time.
These small jewels will be flying off the shelves before Christmas. Check out the "Orchids Series Flip Mino Designs by The Orchid Lady"- stop by and order yours today! 
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