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Ξ October 27th, 2008 | → | ∇ My Journal |

Click here or on the photo for a lager view
   This fall I took some really marvelous pictures in our mountains. After watching an advertisement on TV about "Big Heads" (large photos for your walls of your favorite sports heroes)I really wanted to try my luck in making a large mural for my den wall of one of my pictures.

   I found FotoStick who create lifesize wall murals from customer’s photos. That was just what I wanted.
   The carrier of the prints is the new generation self-adhesive FotoStick® vinyl one can  paste onto almost any smooth surface. Moreover, if you change your mind, the prints can be removed easily without doing any harm to them and transferred to another location.
   I now have a beautiful fall scene in my den, that is so life like you feel like you are right there. I am going to try something for Christmas and maybe even a fireplace for the living room. I just love the ease of creating life-size wall murals from my own photos.
   A personal wall mural will enhance any room in your home. Send me your ideas!
Click here or on the photo for a lager view

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