Just Love Us!


  Women are the most interesting creatures in the world.
   Men try to understand them and women try to understand themselves.

   We can be sexy and feminine or we can play sports better than many men.

We love flowers, jewelry, perfumes, romantic gifts and if you are like me a fishing pole is always loved.
   We can charm our men in pretty dresses or put on a pair of coveralls to garden in.

    While my husband has been trying to figure me out the past 25 years, I still surprise him when I come home with a teddy bear or a new book on dragons. He just looks up and smiles and tells me my Avon lady just brought my makeup I ordered.

    There is nothing like the feel of satin and lace in your undergarments or your nighties. Your man will enjoy holding you and feeling the soft silk in his hands too. Now that is what a woman should feel like.

   Add a pretty fragrant candle and you have created a perfect atmosphere for that perfect night.

   I love to wear pins and brooches in all colors and shapes. A lovely pin just adds the finishing touch to an outfit. There are many types of jewelry and a good piece of historic jewelry is always a welcome gift for most any woman.

   When you want to add the finishing touch to your outfit, the right handbag and shoes will top off that feminine look.

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