My Menagerie

All of my children are grown and have families of their own now, but I still have kids. I have adopted most of them and saved them from certain death.
Konar "The Destroyer" was my very big 18 pound coal-black Halloween cat.He was found in a large garbage container when he was just a few days old. Our vet was the one that found him along with his two siblings. They were all bottle fed and the vet’s dog took care of them as if they were her own pups. We adopted him in 1994, when he was six weeks old.
I called him "The Destroyer" not because while young he had the bad habit of destroying my furniture or anything like that, no!
It wasbecause all the mice in the neighborhood must really fear him. He keept bringing home little "souvenirs" of his hunting expeditions …
He has grown up with all the other animals and gets along with all of them and is very sociable (well, as far as a cat can be that is… Let’s just say he "tolerated" the other critters in "his" home.
Konar departed for the Cat’s Heaven this year, at a geriatric age of fourteen years; In the last year of his life Sadie, my tabby cat was his companion. Not too long after Koanr passing away we adopted Kali Katt, that is, theer are again two catts in my home.
Miss Abbigail Happy Tail came into our home a little bundle of fur in 2005.
She is a Yorktese, which is a small Yorkshire/Maltese breed. Maltese are a wonderful breed of dog with very good temperament and lots of love for everyone.
On February 6th 2006 we lost our sweet Daisy Mae, our pet ferret over many years. She became ill and did not last long after that. We will miss her and she will always have a special place on our hearts.
I have to tell you that within a week a new baby did arrive in our home. He is Rikki Tikkin Tavi, an adorable creature, indeed.
I have kids also in my greenhouse. They are six turtles, Murtle, Marky, Mat, Josephine, George and Speedy.
They keep the slugs at bay in the summer and hibernate in the winter (boy, life must be tough being a turtle!).
Yes, even in the controlled atmosphere of the greenhouse they all bury in the sand around November and hibernate until late February or early March. Murtle has been with us since 1981.
I have a 50-gallon aquarium where my water babies live. It is a lot of fun to watch the fish. They all come up and feed right out of my fingers… If they get any bigger, I will have to be more careful!
Oh, let’s not forget my backyard visitors! They are hummingbirds, quails and other adorable creatures I am going to write about in these pages…


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