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Wear Your Faith!
   I love my church and the wonderful people that are there to give me hugs and prayers when I need it. I believe no matter what religion you belong to we are all children of our Father the Lord.
   I enjoy Bible study and have found some very nice study Bibles for my Mom and me. Since we are both older and our eyesight is not as good as it use to be I looked for a large print Bible for us. I was so happy to find the study Bible in large print. Now we can participate in class and enjoy the lesson much better.
The Bible can be very difficult to read and understand in the language it is written in. The new living translation has made the Bible easier to read and understand for everyone.
The book I found was an old 1982 publication. This version is easy to read and understand.
   I went in my Mother Hen’s Corner store where I found a Bible for sale; it looked interesting so I purchased it. It is the Reader’s Digest Bible condensed from the Revised Standard Version of the Old and New Testament.
   I am an avid listener to recorded books, too. There is nothing like listening to your favorite book on discs. The recordings brings your book to life, the characters and settings are all described and open new meanings to the stories.
   I purchased the Bible on DVD and it is absolutely incredible!
The music and voices brings the people in the Bible to life. You feel their pain, and their love. The great tribulations that many of them faced are all there for you to hear. I wish every one could listen to the Lord this way.
   I wanted to give my Mother a very special cross as a gift and I wanted something unique and different.
   Mom loves a single rose, not a big bouquet but one single rose. I did a search for rose and cross in my Mother Hen’s Corner store and found the most beautiful Black Hills gold cross made like a single rose. It is simply beautiful and every one has complimented her on it. Of course it means a lot since it is a single rose!
   Through out the time of Christianity angels have been a part of our lives. They are a comfort to us in every stage of life. They are replicated in many different ways. They appear Godly with big bird like wings. Or like little children with soft delicate wings and angelic faces.
   Items with angels make wonderful gifts for those you love. I also have a beautiful fiber optic angel that sits by my bed and is my nightlight.
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