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Orchid Questions?
Everyone has questions when they start to grow these beautiful orchids. I try and answer some of the most common questions I am asked.
  What Are Orchids?
Orchids (Orchidaceae family) form the world's largest family of plants and the most diverse of the flowering species.
Orchid Flower Anatomy
n spite of the bewildering variability of orchid flowers, there are comon characteristics in them.
Glossary Of Orchid Terms
Here is a short list of botanical terms primarily encountered in connection with orchids.
World Orchid Conservation - CITES
What is your opinion -- is it working??
Orchid Hybrid Names Abbreviations
Figure out what all this "name calling" is all about.
Cost Of Orchids
Tropical orchids had legendary price tags. Fortunately, orchids have come down in price due to the breeding and cultivating that is now being done.
Bargain Orchids? Beware!
When is a bargain really a bargain? When it comes to orchids, you have to be very careful, or your bargain could turn out to be a very short-lived experience.
One Orchid Deserves Another
Come and learn how I became addicted to the beautiful orchids!
  Ten Tips In Selecting Orchids
If you are careful, and know what to look for, you can find good prices and plants.
Dendrophylax lindenii
Slippers Can Be Orchids
Whenever people talk about slippers they most likely think of pretty shoes - unless you are an orchid grower. Come and learn about my Slippers!
New World Slippers
If you like Paphiopedilums then you are sure to find "New World Lady Slippers" intriguing.
The Orchid Of Love
As I look around my greenhouse I am always amazed at how a plant that is not very pretty can produce such beautiful flowers?
Valentine's Orchids
Valentines and orchids, not just any orchid but bright velvet red orchids!
Dendrophylax lindenii
(Lindley) Bentham ex Rolfe (1888.)
Ghosts of the Fakahatchee Swamp
Orchids In Your Garden
Have you always wanted to grow orchids in your flower garden? Here are some that most everyone can grow in their garden!
Growing Orchids In Your Home
You can grow orchids right in your windows like many of the flowering plants that are typically grown in the home.
Caring For Orchids Part One - Watering
The problem with your orchid usually is a result of how you are watering it or even the possibility of the type of water being used.
  Caring For Orchids -- Air Movement and Quality
How does air play a part in growing orchids?
Caring For Orchids -- Temperature Part I
Each orchid genus and each species have their own unique preferred temperature range and cool down periods.
Caring For Orchids -- Winter Disaster
Don't let this happen to you!! Find out about what happens when the furnace goes out in my greenhouse.
Caring For Orchids -- Fertilizing
Do you feed your orchids?? Come and visit the Orchid Garden and find out about feeding your orchids.
Caring For Orchids -- Light Requirement
Who turned out the lights? Stop by and find out how important light is to your orchids.
When And How to Repot Orchids
Is your orchid ready to be repotted? Learn the do's and don'ts of repotting orchids.
Help! My Orchid Needs To Be Repotted!
What you use for potting medium depends primarily on the type of orchid and how you are growing it -- in a pot or mounted.
Repotting Orchids Is Not Always Fun!
My first experience of re-potting orchids was more like a trip through Alice's looking glass. Come along and read my horror story!
Coconuts - Not Just For Pies And Cookies
Learn about a product that your orchids will love as much as you love the pies and cookies!
How To Build An Orchid Tree?
Switch your browser to full screen (F 11) mode and learn it at my advanced Orchid Nights site.
  Propagating Orchids From Flower Stems
Step-by-step directions on how to make stem propagations of your favorite orchids.
Growing Orchids From Seed
Are you sure you want to do this? Beware, success in case of orchids may come only after years!
  Bottle Babies
Now that you have grown your seeds, here is how to take care of the seedlings.
Wilting Orchid Flowers
If you have flowers that start to open and do not finish or if you have mushy growth -- it may not be the local smog.
  The Stick: Saving The 'dead' Dendrobium
There are several types of Dendrobiums you really need to know which type you are growing.
Slugs And Snails
Is something eating your your new orchid flowers? Could be snails or slugs. here are some tips on how to get rid of these critters.
A Noble Winter Orchid
Orchids that like winter weather? Unheard of? Just in time for Christmas - read about the noble Dendrobiums!
Dracula, Count or Orchid?
Count Dracula and perfect orchids for him (or you?) to grow.
  Ghosts of the Fakahatchee swamp
Orchids about which the blockbuster movie "Adaptation" based on the book "The Orchid Thief" by Susan Orlean were created.
Another Bucket
Another "Bucket" found in the Orchid Garden! Learn all about the "other" bucket orchid, the Coryanthes!
Vandaceous Orchids
Can you imagine baskets of 10 cm rainbow colored flowers. You can find this and much more in the Vandaceous orchid group.
The Strange Stanhopea Orchids
"Bucket Orchid?" Now that is a strange name for an orchid. Read the article and learn about these fasinating orchids.
  A Special Butterfly
See this amazing surprise!
The "Butterfly Orchid" -- Psychopsis papilio!
Beautiful Odontoglossum Orchids
You can grow orchids; try one of these and see.
  The genus Rossioglossum
You can keep them like a pot of Geraniums in your windowsill and they will live for decades.
Fragrant Favorites: The Zygopetalum Orchids
One of our visitors to the Orchid Pages wrote and asked if I could find a Zygopetalum orchid living in the Garden. This is what I found for her.
The Extraordinary Nun's Orchid
Flower spikes over 4 ft tall, fragrant blooms and beautiful leaves. What more do you want from an orchid?
Christmas In the Orchid Greenhouse
All about the orchids that have been nicknamed for Christmas.
The Christmas Star Orchid
It is the dead of winter but the Christmas orchids are all in full bloom!
Equitant Oncidiums or Tolumnia
Flowers that look like little ladies with the big full skirts just like the Oncidiums -- these little jewels are perfect for tiny places.
Birds in Flight
Aerangis species are tiny little orchids that looks like "Birds in flight" when they are in bloom.
Colmanara Wildcat
Here is a very easy orchid for you to grow! And it is sweeping the orchid world like a wild fire. Stop by and see what this beautiful wonder is!
Encyclias: An Old Genus
Once belived to be Epidendrums. Some will bloom for months if you have Epidendrums you might want to see if they have been moved to a new genus.
Strange Orchids
Orchids have some of the most fantastic flowers in the plant family. Discover the strangest of strange orchids.
Jewels of the Orchid Family
These orchids are grown for their leaves, not their flowers!
Black Orchids! Do they really exist?
Everyone wants a black orchid. Is there such a thing?
Pansies Are Orchids?
Come on over and find out.
Springtime Cymbidiums
Come and visit my special spring flowers.
Chinese Cymbidiums
Beautiful Asian Orchids from the Far East you can grow and bloom!
Fuki-ran, The Samurais' Orchid
The Japanese Wind Orchid (Neofinetia falcata) is a fun orchid emitting a beautiful fragrance.
Dancing Little Dolls
Are they dolls or orchids?
Moths Or Orchids?
Oh my goodness! I have moths in my greenhouse!
Spiders, Halloween and Orchids ... strange mixture? Find out about my spiders!
Orchid Fragrance In Your Kitchen
Did you ever wonder where Vanilla comes from? Would you believe that it is the fruit of an orchid?