My Articles About Orchids
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My Articles About Orchids
   Spring is just around the corner and love is in the air everywhere - including here in my greenhouse. In many locations around the world, February is the month for "sweethearts."

   The exact origins of St. Valentine's Day is debatable, but one theory says it can be traced back to ancient Rome and the pagan spring fertility festival of Lupercalia.
   When Christianity became prevalent, Christian priests attempted to replace the supposedly heathen practice of worshiping the God Lupercus.
   To Christianize the ancient pagan celebration, Pope Gelasius I declared in 496 a day in honor of St. Valentine.
   Through the centuries the Christian holiday became a time to exchange love messages and St. Valentine eventually became the patron saint of lovers.
    When "red" flowers are mentioned, the very first flowers that come to mind are the beautiful long stem roses. Every woman would love to see a bouquet of elegant long stem velvet red roses delivered to her home on St. Valentine's day.
   But wait, there are other more exotic flowers that you can buy to impress that special sweetheart! A breathtaking red orchid in full bloom is guaranteed to win your wonderful lady's heart.
   Orchids bloom in many different colors but one of the most exceptional colors are the red shades. The deep red shades of some orchid blooms can be found in most of the orchid genera such as this beautiful Sophrolaeliocattleya, SLC. Madge Fordyce (Red Orb) AM/AOS.

   If you are a newcomer to the wonderful world of orchids, try one of the vibrant red shades of the hybrid and species orchids that are readily available today.

   Hybridizers have gone out of their way to improve on the "reds" in all genera and have succeeded in producing some very elegant orchids. When selecting that special something for your sweetheart on St. Valentine's Day, take a look at giving her a bouquet of elegant orchids in all colors for a special surprise.

   Here is a tip for you - if you keep your plants out of direct sunlight when they are in bloom, the blossoms will last longer and will not fade as fast.
  • Odontoglossum 'Halton' x Odontoglossum crispum
  • Cattleya 'Beall's Red'
  • Miltonia spectabilis
  • Maxillaria tenuifolia
  • SLC. Jewel Box 'Scheherazade'
   I have picked out several red orchids for your enjoyment.

   This is but a sampling of the fantastic red orchids you can find today. Visit my Orchid Nights site for many more!
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