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 My Orchid Articles
Looking for the special gift for that special someone?
    Linda’s Orchid Photo CDs may be the answer to your gift giving problems. These CDs will be a very special edition for any library.
Premium Edition CD
US $   39.99 + Shipping
Standard Edition CD
US $   29.99 + Shipping
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   The sample below might give ideas about these high resolution, true color, royalty free photographs, which can be yours to use on your webpage, desktop or even produce your own posters or framed pictures.
   I am proud to release my first Premium Edition Orchid CD. This is the beginning of a very special series that you will not want to miss even one.
    You have the option of selecting the Premium Edition CD with 65 images including a poster size image and a free bonus Screen Saver or the Standard Edition, which contains the 64 images without the screen saver.