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  Here are two free e-Book orchid enthusiasts might find useful  
 Orchid Hybrid Names e-Book
  To our best knowledge at the time of compiling the orchids-related e-books below the computer and all the used programs were free from any malware, which could creep into these executables. Before releasing them to the general public as free downloads they were tested independently by several people on different computers and proved to be clean.
   However, please be aware, that for being freely downloadable and distributable we cannot warrant that copies passed around by users remained also reliable.
    Therefore, it is highly advisable that after downloading these archived e-books run your anti-virus program and check the integrity of the archives.
    The MD5 and SH1 hashes of the executable screen savers packed into the archives you may download from this server are tabulated below and you may check the integrities of the files after unpacking them to your storage device(s).
MD5 (Message-Digest algorithm 5) is widely used in a variety of security applications, and is also commonly used to check the integrity of files.
The SH-1 (Secure Hash Algorithm) has been designed by the National Security Agency (NSA) of the USA and published a U.S. Federal Information Processing Standard.
   On the web there are very many MD5 and/or SH1 hasher programs freely available; the one we used is freely downloadable from NirSoft.
Free Orchid Hybrid Names E-Book Free Orchid Glossary E-Book
   Do you get confused trying to remember what "Blc." or "Slc." stands for in orchid names?
   I hope this (not so) little database will help out.
   This modest glossary of several terms and notions orchid enthusiasts meet with quite frequently does not pretend to be a substitute for dictionaries and scientific books amounting to libraries. Yet it may be handy - expecially if encourages the reader to learn more!
Download here or click the schreenshot below Download here or click the schreenshot below
For being excutable files e-books may and often are carriers of all sorts of malware